On Thursday, March 6, 2008 Professor Richard J. Hunter, Professor of Commercial and International Business Law and Economics at the Stillman School of Business of Seton Hall University was honored with the Sons of Poland Meritorious Service Award.

Chairing the evening’s event were Association of the Sons of Poland (ASOP) Directors, Louis Gill and Dorothy Jaworski, along with Master of Ceremonies Celeste Oranchak, daughter of Director Helen Oranchak and Vice-President of International Advancement at the Felician College in Lodi, New Jersey. ASOP President Tadeusz Bednarski presented the award to the distinguished honoree.

The goal for the evening was to raise funds for scholarships and achievement awards distributed each year by the Association of the Sons of Poland to member high school seniors.

Held at the Brownstone in Paterson, New Jersey, the event was attended by community leaders from New York and New Jersey. Among the organizations represented were the Polish American Congress of Downstate New York, the Kosciuszko Foundation, The Polish University Club of New Jersey, CENTRALA, the Wawel Bank, Seton Hall University, and the Polish Peoples’ Home of Passaic. Sponsors of this first annual event were ADAMBA, Bergen Polish Pottery, Chocolate Dreams of Carlstadt, the St. George and Bouquet Florists, Emiliani Beauty Products and The Children’s Medical Care Foundation.

The Sons of Poland Benevolent Foundation, under the auspices of ASOP, plans to host a Meritorious Service Award reception each year as a way of expressing gratitude to an individual or organization whose efforts reflect the Association’s commitment to the education of our children for the benefit of society and the future. Such an individual is Dr. Richard J. Hunter who earned this recognition for serving as an inspiration to others in his tireless support of Polish-American youth and their pursuit of dreams of higher education.

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