The Association of the Sons of Poland, a Fraternal Benefit Society established in 1903, provides assistance to both Polish and American children through the Sons of Poland Benevolent Foundation. While donations are made to schools for special children and orphanages in Poland, the Foundation also supports special children from our Metropolitan Area Polish American community.

Whether for an immigrant family in New Jersey who suffered a total loss of property when their house burned down, or a small child stricken with a disease that is thus far undiagnosed, or a set of triplets who will never enjoy their father because of his tragic loss.

The latter was the occasion for a fundraiser attended by Sons of Poland Vice President, Louis J. Gill at the left and Secretary, Dorothy Kostecka-Wieczerzak at the right and the triplets’ uncle in the center accepting from the Vice President, three insured membership life policies for the infants and from the Secretary, a generous check for immediate supplies.

The triplets are now insured members of the Association of the Sons of Poland with all the benefits, including a lifetime prescription card, access to wellness plans and even health coverage, as well as an opportunity to apply for scholarships when the are high school seniors.

The Benevolent Foundation’s mission is to help children, and we help many. We can also help yours.

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