On Tuesday, March 11, 2014, at the Royal Manor in Garfield, New Jersey, the Association of the Sons of Poland (ASOP) hosted a gala evening to raise funds for academic scholarships for high school seniors. The ASOP Meritorious Award was bestowed upon Gregory Komeshok, who represents the epitome of citizenship and today’s role of being a Polish-American. By way of example, Komeshok illustrates efforts that reflect ASOP’s commitment to the education of its children for the benefit of society and the future.

Born in Passaic, New Jersey to John and Emily (Rzepecki) Komeshok, Gregory graduated Holy Rosary Grammar School and Passaic High School where he played on the basketball and baseball teams. He then went on to a B.A. in Industrial Arts and a M.A. in Administration and Supervision from Montclair State College. He became a teacher in Passaic High School, and then Principal of the Learning Center Elementary School in Passaic. He then was made Supervisor of Art, Music, Gifted & Talented, Career Education, Attendance Officers, Adult Education, Alternate Education, and Student-Teacher Practicums as well as Supervisor of Physical Education and Health. He currently serves as Director of Athletics.

In addition to serving the children of Passaic, he plays an active role in his community and in the political life of Passaic County. The list is almost endless, but the most outstanding have been his contributions to community life in Holy Rosary and St. John Kanty churches where he organized English classes for immigrants, and in the Central of Polish Organizations (CENTRALA) for which he served as Contingent Marshal for the Pulaski Day Parade. He established the annual outdoor Jimmy Sturr Concert in Passaic, now in its eleventh year, and has served his part politically as delegate to the Democratic National Convention, as well as being party chairman and Freeholder for Passaic County. In addition, he has managed and coached baseball teams. His married to Susan, and they have two sons: Kevin and Christopher.

Present this evening were many representatives from both Passaic County and the Passaic Board of Education. Among the special guests who gave an extraordinary presentation to Komeshok were Ed Trawinski, Bergen County Administrator, and Alicja Tunk, Vice Consul of the Republic of Poland of the Consulate in New York City.

ASOP hosts an annual scholarship fundraiser in order to award high school seniors who are insured members; to give honor and acclaim to a deserving individual or organization who has expressed the value of education; to make the community at large aware of the need for higher education, its costs and how ASOP, as an organization, does its part to help.


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