About ASOP

The Association of the Sons of Poland (ASOP) offers a different kind of insurance solution.

  • We are a membership organization dedicated to the financial security of our members and their families.
  • We are a Fraternal Benefit Society and for over a century we have been helping Americans and their families to plan for the future while connecting them to the community they live in today.
  • We are a locally-based, community oriented non-profit organization.

ASOP members work with dedicated individuals who guide them through the process of finding the right insurance tools to secure their future.  As a non-profit organization our rates are often more affordable than our for-profit counterparts and all of our membership life insurance contracts are on the legal reserve basis. This means that behind every membership certificate there is a reserve set up in accordance with the law governing all insurance companies. The reserves guarantee funds for payment of every claim.

ASOP also offers its members benefits such as scholarships, discount programs, travel and volunteer opportunities.

We are here to safeguard your future while enriching our community.