ASOP-MS-Pilsudski-Hoboken-1935The Association of the Sons of Poland was established as a Fraternal Benefit Society in 1903 to provide death benefits for Polish-American families and to send financial help to relatives in Poland. Beginning at the end of the last century many such fraternal societies formed.  Members of these societies were bound together by a common history, profession or religion and were seeking fellowship and financial security.

Over the years the Association grew both in membership and financial stability while upholding the traditions of Polish Heritage and patriotism.

Złoty Krzyż Zasługi (Gold Cross of Merit)Just prior to World War Two, the Association was directly involved in the establishment of the Polish-American Congress and the Pulaski Memorial Parade Committee in New York City. At that time, the Association was recognized for being the most active organization in the Polish-American Community and was decorated by the Second Republic of Poland with the coveted Złoty Krzyż Zasługi (Gold Cross of Merit). The Association continued assisting Poland during her most devastating years of war.

In 2004, The Sons of Poland Benevolent Foundation was established as a non-profit organization, which aims to support the education of and charity of children in the United States and Poland. Over the years we have supported charities that work with children and the elderly in both Poland and the United States.

Thousands of books in English have been sent to schools and libraries in Poland through the Bridges to Poland program. In the United States we have assisted Polish American organizations that help Polish children as well as the homeless in New Jersey. In Poland we have sent and continue to send material and financial support to orphanages including the Dom MałegoDziecka in Częstochowa and the Fundacja Ruperta Mayera in Kraków; as well as to institutions that assist the homeless and destitute like Dom Zgromadzenia Sług Jezusa in Kielczewicach; Nasz Dom Dzieciątka Jezus in Rudniku; Schronisko dla Kobiet i Męzczyzń in Dymowo nad Sanem; Dom Nazaret dla samotnych kobiet in Otwocku and Ciechocinek; Schronisko dla Starszych Kobiet in Bychowo; and Schronisko dla Starszych in Wrocław and Lublin.

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