Benevolent Foundation

Under the auspices of The Association of the Sons of Poland

“Open hands, open hearts”

The Sons of Poland Benevolent Foundation within the Association of the Sons of Poland raises funds that enables us to perform charitable acts for our community in America, and for the community of our heritage, namely, Poland. The Association of the Sons of Poland is a fraternal benefit society and charity has been an integral part of our identity and history for over a century of existence.

The main objectives of the Benevolent Foundation is to offer financial support to organizations in Poland and the Polish-American community in their missions; to give to their scholarship funds; to provide charity to the less fortunate within our aforementioned communities including those with medical needs, those who are orphaned or those who are challenged physically or mentally; to provide funds for disaster relief should the need arise.

We raise funds through a variety of means, including annual fundraising events such as our Meritorious Service Award, the O.K. (“Our Kids”) Fund Fundraiser, our traditional, bi-annual Debutante Ball, and generous donations, which are accepted year round for Foundation funds, or endowed through an endowment policy. Workshops on Polish heritage folk art are offered free of charge to the public, and Polish design holiday, note cards, and traditional ornaments are all offered for sale with one-hundred percent of the proceeds going to the Foundation.

Requests for donations to the Foundation, invitations to our events, and announcements of our items for sale are made to our members in our House Organ. Appeals of the above to organizations and friends apart from our membership are disseminated by way of mailings. Contact us for more information.