Scholarship Awards

The scholastic awards provided by this program are of two kinds – Scholarship and Achievement – and are available to both men and women who have demonstrated outstanding ability and promise. Two Scholarships are given and all other applicants receive an Achievement Award.

Basic of Award

  • High School transcript
  • Application

Eligibility and Restrictions

  • Available only to MEMBERS of the Association of the Sons of Poland
  • Must be an INSURED MEMBER of the Association for at least two (2) years
  • Must be entering an accredited college in September of the year of graduation from High School

If you are qualified, as a member of the Association of the Sons of Poland, to file an application, the following are the procedures:

  • Speak to your Principal or Student Advisor and request that your high school transcript be sent directly to the Home Office of the Association.
  • Complete the Scholarship Application form, ensuring that all questions are answered and all sections are complete.
  • Original transcript and Application must be on file at the Home Office by March 14, 2014, 5:00 PM.

For further information call the Home Office at (201) 935-2807 or send an e-mail.