Life Insurance

Why do you need life insurance?

Loving-father-and-his-babyMoney for your loved ones should something happen to you.
You may have life insurance while you are employed but in many cases, when you leave or lose your job or once you reach a certain age, you are no longer insured. When you purchase insurance with Sons of Poland, your beneficiary can count on the benefits, even if they live in another country, like Poland.


Granddaughter-Grandmother-Young-Mother-Standing-On-White-BackgroIt can be a supplement to retirement, a savings plan, and can help for your child’s education.
As your policy ages it gains cash value and you can borrow against this value should you need immediate cash. You can also purchase an Endowment plan which, after twenty years, matures and the entire policy value may be paid to you.


Wish-You-All-The-Very-Best-Ahead-! Provides peace of mind and security in old age.
When you have purchased life coverage and it becomes a paid-up policy, you have that coverage until your beneficiaries file a claim. You need not worry that there is no money to pay for your final needs. 


Happy-Smiling-FamilyYou enjoy the Benefits of insured membership knowing that a Fraternal Life Policy is NOT JUST INSURANCE.
Among these are a subscription to the “Polish American Journal”, free prescription discount cards, health discount plans including dental/vision, Long Term Care, Medicare Supplements, a variety of Medical plans and LifeLine Screening plus access to discount office supplies.

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