Sell Life Insurance

As an insured member of the Association of the Sons of Poland, you may sell up to $200,000 of face value in a year.

Depending on the type of policy you sell and the age of the applicant, you may receive a one-time “commission” of up to 25% of the first year premium. These are usually paid during the year and within a short time after a policy has been issued. If the premium is paid on an annual basis or semi-annual, the payment may be right after the policy is issued. In the case of quarterly payments, we wait for two such payments to be made; for monthly, six payments must first be made for a “commission” check to be issued.

In January of the following year, we offer a selling bonus to every insured member who has introduced new members. For each $1,000 of insurance you sell, you will receive $10. So, if you sell $50,000 this year, in January of the following year we will give you a bonus check in the amount of $500.

What’s more: if you reach the $200,000 limit of how much you can sell as a Fraternal member, you will receive $2,000 PLUS a special BONUS of $1,000 in for a total bonus of $3,000!