Join The Association of the Sons of Poland (ASOP) today and receive GREAT member benefits.

Insured Membership (Full Member)

As an insurance policy holder from ASOP, you become a fully insured member. Benefits to you include:

  • the ability to borrow money based on the cash value of the policy and that cash value grows each year
  • opportunity to apply for scholarships and grants for high school seniors
  • discount on The Polish American Journal
  • opportunities to travel and learn about Polish Culture
  • wellness benefits

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Social Membership

ASOP is proud to offer a new membership category: the Social Member. While ASOP life insurance is available to residents of the States of New Jersey and New York only, Social Membership allows those around the country to enjoy certain benefits without being a policyholder. Social Members can also enjoy fraternalism and participate in Polish heritage with ASOP. For those who live in New Jersey or New York, Social Membership may be a good option while you consider purchasing a policy with us that provides full membership as an ASOP insured member.

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