Social Membership

The Association of the Sons of Poland (ASOP) is proud to offer a new membership category: the Social Member. While ASOP life insurance is available to residents of the States of New Jersey and New York only, Social Membership allows those around the country to enjoy certain benefits without being a policyholder. Social Members can also enjoy fraternalism and participate in Polish heritage with ASOP. For those who live in New Jersey or New York, Social Membership may be a good option while you consider purchasing a policy with us that provides all the benefits of being an ASOP insured member.

Social Membership with ASOP includes the following insurance benefit:

This accident program provides coverage 24 hours a day while on business or pleasure. For more information and for where you can purchase this benefit, click here.

The Social Membership program will expand with even more great offerings in the future. Please check back with the website for periodic updates or call the Home Office at (201) 935-2807.

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